Queen City Bridal, LLC & all business contained within:


All orders over $199 require a deposit of 50% upfront that can be paid with cash, credit card or check. The remaining balance must be paid when the order is complete. All orders under $200 require full payment upfront. Final balances and in-full payments can be paid with cash, check, Debit, or credit card (American Express, Discover, Master Card, Visa, and most debit cards). If a completed order is not paid for within 30 business days an additional financing charge may apply.


Unless stated otherwise on the respective services page, our minimum order is 36 pieces (per design) for contract printing. Additionally, there is a minimum of 12 pieces per colorway (per design), for contract printing. Jobs accepted are at the sole-discretion of Queen City Bridal, LLC. 


Typical turnaround time is 7-10 business days from the time that art mockups and quotes are approved. Some additional services may add to our typical turnaround. Rush charges may apply for orders needed sooner than our typical turnaround.

Turn time on larger orders (250 pieces or more than 4 designs) may require longer time to produce. Please inquire about our current turn time on larger orders.


All orders with a specific deadline must receive confirmation from Queen City Bridal, LLC. Requesting a deadline does not make it effective, as scheduling often needs to be confirmed with our production team.

We will not commit to a deadline until we have received a confirmed order from the customer. It is the customer’s responsibility to inform us of their garment selection and quantities. We also need to know the desired completion date upon order confirmation, at which time we apply the deadline to the job.

We cannot guarantee a place on the schedule without having complete order information and a confirmed order up front. If we do offer a place on the schedule in anticipation of a confirmed order, then we will hold that slot for 48 hours before putting a different job in its place.

No production, delivery or times/dates are guaranteed in any way. Not verbally, written or implied.


Queen City Bridal, LLC honors federal holidays each calendar year. These holidays are not working days for us so please consider this in regards to turnaround time and rush charges.

New Year’s Day

President’s Day

Memorial Day

the Friday prior to Memorial Day

the day after Memorial Day

Independence Day

any single day prior to or after Independence Day

Labor Day

the Friday prior to Labor Day

Thanksgiving Day

the day after Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Day

The week between Christmas and New year’s Eve

Orders placed after December 12 through December 24 are subject to a 20 day turnaround time unless prior arrangements are made.


We understand that there are occasions when orders are needed sooner than 2 business days and we strive to fulfill those orders. The minimum charge is $125 per 100 items. If an order is being shipped, then the rush charges apply to our production time only. The amount of time it takes the carrier to get the order to you is not guaranteed by Queen City Bridal, LLC. Rush orders WILL require payment in full to begin printing. We cannot guarantee that we will accommodate all rush orders.


It is unfortunate, but sometimes our vendors will run out of particular styles or colors. If this happens we can offer a variety of possible substitute products from other vendors, or you can choose to wait until the items are back in stock. If you choose to wait for the inventory to be replenished we cannot guarantee the turnaround time or that the items will be back in stock when the vendor says they will. If you choose a substitute garment then we should be able to stick to our typical turnaround time unless those garments are out-of-stock as well.


Estimates expire after 10 days. Estimates are subject to change upon review of submitted artwork. Prices may be revised at the time of invoice based on actual prints.


Any print-ready art files that the customer provides must meet our format requirements and will not incur any additional fees. Art not supplied in print-ready format will need to be modified and is subject to be billed at our current rate. In which case, we will provide an estimate before doing the work.

Artwork that is submitted with a corresponding purchase order must be named in correlation with the job name and PO. Queen City Bridal, LLC will print art files as they are received, and we will assume that all images have been sized for final print dimensions unless otherwise stated.

In most cases, we will offer one free design per order. However, design fees may be applied if the scope or scale of the design changes or if the change requests exceed one round of revisions.

We will provide one mock-up on our own template free of charge for every order. Additional mock-ups on our template are available upon request and may be billed at the current rate. Approval of mock-ups on our template are required regardless of how detailed customer provided mock-ups may be, including reorders. Queen City Bridal, LLC will not be held responsible for any misspellings, grammatical errors, or any other design flaws when the artwork is provided by the customer.


All original artwork created by Queen City Bridal, LLC is the sole property of Queen City Bridal, LLC, although rights to the artwork may be purchased in addition to the design fees. This includes conceptual artwork and jobs not contracted or completed where Queen City Bridal, LLC has spent time on the art process.

Any artwork that is provided by the customer is owned by the customer. We will not reproduce the customer’s artwork, trademarked or not, without the customer’s (or rightful owner’s) consent.

Any artwork or art file that is modified or prepared for print by Queen City Bridal, LLC is property of Queen City Bridal, LLC.


We will always choose what we think is the best print method for your job unless you specify otherwise. If you (customer) chooses something other than a suggested print method or process Queen City Bridal, LLC does not warranty or guarantee and item.


We will always choose what we think are the best garment options for your project. If garment selection is sensitive, we strongly encourage ordering samples of the garments before placing an order. When the final order is received, we cannot guarantee that the customer will like the garments they chose. We do guarantee print quality at all times. We also will open our workspace to show customers samples of what we have in stock to aid the decision, but we cannot guarantee that every garment is in stock. Subjectivity, or whether or not the customer likes the garment they chose is the responsibility of the customer and not Queen City Bridal, LLC. The customer is responsible for knowing the terms of the company whose garments they chose to purchase.


Queen City Bridal, LLC is not responsible for mistakes or defects on behalf of the manufacturer or distributor: mislabeled sizes, inconsistent coloring, dye lots, manufacturer garment defects, etc. All garments will be counted in bulk (dozens, or however they are packaged by the manufacturer). We cannot inspect each garment or count them in individually. Manufacturer and distributor defects or mis-shipments will delay production until all garments are received. It is highly recommended to order more garments than needed for each size. All additional garments will be included in the print run and we will bill for what is printed.


We require contract screen printing customers to provide us with a detailed list of garments including manufacturer, style number, color, size, and quantities of each to be printed prior to order confirmation. We may be unable or refuse to print on certain garments based on garment content. All contract work is subject to a 20% spoilage allowance including up to two single piece items under 20 pieces.


Pre press production samples cost $100 per color printed per location and are subject to standard turn time. We can provide blank samples of any garment, along with previously printed samples, for far less than a printed sample.

Essentially, the quality of our work speaks for itself, and how we will gladly send examples of our print work. Additionally our mock-ups are very meticulous and we are well educated with how our inks work with most garments. Why waste time and money with a printed sample when we can deliver the quality you want straight out the gate?

We do not offer in-house press checks.


Queen City Bridal, LLC will assume that we will be manually mixing the ink for your project, which will be no additional charge. You may request an exact pantone to be ordered for your project, which will be billed at the current rate ($125 per color), and may affect the timeline. Color and pantone matching on textiles is not exact or guaranteed although we typically are able to print colors very close, if not perfectly matched. There may be a reasonable variation in color due to a number of factors. You cannot trust the colors in our mockup to be true when viewed on a monitor or printed page. Using a current Pantone book is the best way to accurately communicate color with us. If you are sensitive about the print color then please verify against a Pantone swatch. We cannot be held responsible for a color verified against the visual mockup only.


In the event that we make a terrible error in printing your shirts, then we will reprint the order for you at no additional cost. We do not offer refunds. This rarely happens and really only applies to serious mistakes like printing the wrong art, printing the wrong location, or ordering the wrong color garments.

In this (and any printing industry), misprints happen. A screen could come out of registration, we may find a defect in the garment, the garment may come from a bad dye lot, etc. There are numerous things that could go wrong but we manage to keep misprints and defects well below 1% of all garments printed over the course of a year. This isn’t to say that your order will be guaranteed to have less than 1% misprints, this just happens to be our average. If we misprint a few of your garments then we will NOT charge you for these, and we’ll likely even throw them in with the order at no charge if they are passable. Since misprints can happen, we’d encourage you to order extra garments if you need exact quantities due to preorders or team member requests. For example, if you are ordering a single Extra Small garment for your kid, there is a chance that this garment becomes a misprint. It would be unreasonable for us to re-set up the screens just to print this single shirt, so it would be best order extra garments.  

We try to minimize it, but misprints do happen and we cannot predict when. Please work with us and plan ahead.


Overruns or underruns not to exceed 10% on quantities ordered shall constitute acceptable delivery. Queen City Bridal, LLC will bill for actual quantity printed. In other words, we may print too many shirts (extremely rare) or we may botch a few and deliver a few less than ordered. This is the nature of the printing industry. If you REQUIRE exact quantities, then please have a conversation with us about it. In which chase, we may charge an “exact quantity fee” in order to insure this, meaning that we’d order more than we need in case there is a misprint. We will return the unprinted garment and pay the restocking fee.


If there is a chance a client would want more shirts printed after their initial run, let us know and we can save the screens used.

We will save the screens for three days after the initial run and/or one day after each re-order.

If a reorder is placed within that time period, we will waive the set-up fees. After a non-set time of non use, we will reclaim the screens and a set-up fee may be re-introduced if a reorder is placed then after.


Orders can either be picked up from Queen City Bridal, LLC or shipped. If picking up, please come between 10am-12pm or 1pm-5pm (unless special plans are made prior).


Shipping is not included in estimates unless specified. Shipping time is not included in turnaround time. Outgoing shipment time/dates are not guaranteed in any way.

Once the shipment is handed over to the carrier, we cannot guarantee timeliness or exact delivery dates.

We do not ship internationally


We can split your order and ship to multiple locations, billable at current rates. Please let us know about the split shipment before we print and box your order, otherwise additional charges may apply.


When printing on customer supplied garments, we require a 5% misprint allowance or a minimum of 1 shirt per design per garment color, whichever is greater, with no penalty to us. Percentages are based on quantity of imprints, not quantity of garments. We strongly recommend that you order extra garments in each size, style and/or color in the event of misprints. Exact Quantities are not guaranteed and are not available on Rush Orders. Queen City Bridal, LLC will not be held responsible for consequential damages such as profit loss on spoiled goods.


We encourage you to check the quantities and quality of the garments you receive from us immediately. Queen City Bridal, LLC cannot be held accountable for defects or problems with your order unless contacted within 48 hours of delivery.


In the event an order needs to be cancelled, refunds or return of deposits will be based on the status of the order (i.e. Have the items been ordered? Have any of the items been printed? etc.) and may be subject to penalties and/or restocking charges. A minimum 20% restocking fee will apply. Any screens, artwork or preparation work charge will apply.


Because of the split print process, you may notice some minor color variations between the split locations. Our heat curing system can affect the dischargeability of a fabric, which can affect the appearance of the color of the second print even when we use the exact same ink throughout the process. While we can’t guarantee an exact match for both locations every time, we will absolutely try our best and hold ourselves to the same high quality standards we usually do.


Queen City Bridal, LLC stands behind the quality of our screen printing. We will reproduce your graphic onto the garment with maximum accuracy, quality, and consistency. The satisfaction of the end user with the final printed product is subjective. We offer detailed mock-ups (approval by the customer is mandatory for every order), screen setup ($25 for each location/color), or pre production samples ($100 for each color printed or each screen setup) for end user review. We operate under very specific and numerous quality controls, standard operating procedures, and guidelines to ensure a quality finished product, and we will not be held responsible for end user subjectivity.

Terms and prices are subject to change without notice.